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A sampling of recent installations across health, education, and commercial facilities.

Commercial: Salon Unity

Salon Unity’s floors were taking a heavy beating from haircare products and customer foot traffic, particularly in wet and cold months. The owner of Salon Unity was concerned about having to replace recently-installed vinyl plank flooring every few years, in order to keep a clean salon appearance. Shorewood recommended and executed a full restorative cleaning of the floors, drawing grime from otherwise unreachable surfaces. Shorewood then applied coating, with traction-enhancing grit, which covered existing damage while preventing further deterioration. Floors have a lustrous appearance, are easily cleaned, and highly slip resistant. Salon Unity has this to say about the installation:

“My flooring was treated over 6 months ago and it looks as clean and shiny as it did the day it was done! All of my clients asked if I had put in new flooring because it was so clean and shiny! I couldn't be more pleased.”

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Healthcare: Washtenaw Veterinary Clinic

Washtenaw Veterinary Clinic needed a floor finishing solution that provided clean and healthy spaces for animal patients, customers, and medical employees without costly or time-demanding upkeep. Shorewood installed high-performance coating to high-traffic areas where usage was creating concern for flooring longevity and appearance. Standing up to dog and cat claws and resistant to pathogen adhesion, Washtenaw had this to say about Shorewood’s healthcare floor solution:

“As a veterinary hospital, our floors get a lot of abuse. On a daily basis our floors are subjected to foot and paw traffic, and a whole world of unmentionable messes. We had our floors treated with Shorewood’s High-Performance Floor Coating, and we could not be happier! After 4 months of wear and tear the floors still look great. The floors are extremely easy to keep clean and disinfected, and our clients frequently compliment them.  If there was ever a sure test of a floor treatment, a veterinary hospital sure takes the cake! Thanks Shorewood.”


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Education: Ida Public Schools

Ida public schools faced a challenge common to most educational facilities - bogged down by continuous bathroom maintenance. Built in the 1950’s, bathrooms throughout the school system are largely tile and grout, severely discolored and damaged by decades of use. Despite regular daily maintenance and occasional deep cleaning, discoloration and odor were still problems. With a two-prong approach of restorative cleaning and coating, Shorewood was able to remove an overwhelming amount of unsightly contamination from tile and grout that had been previously unreachable by even deep cleaning attempts. Shorewood sealed the surfaces with a high-performance coating that can be cleaned with only water and a microfiber pad, reducing future maintenance cost and time.


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Education & Commercial: Morning Star Child Care

Morning Star Child Care provides child care from infancy to preschool. With young people at several stages of development, each with new immune systems and prone to spending much of their time on the floor, consistent cleaning is a primary routine at the care center.  Morning Star was interested in a solution that could work with their variety of floor types (tile and grout, vinyl plank) to reduce contamination and maintain a healthy, clean appearance. Their new, “no finish,” flooring was not able to withstand the impact of small children, and was beginning to look worn. Shorewood opted for a full cleaning and coating of all floors, improving the speed and efficacy of their daily cleaning.  Likewise, the floors gained a more attractive appearance, while being better protected for constant use. With coating that lasts 3-5 years, reapplication is very infrequent and significantly less costly and intrusive than a full floor replacement that would eventually be required with unprotected vinyl plank.

Morning Star was so pleased with their flooring solution, they requested additional classrooms to be cleaned and coated following the first phase.

"The floors at our child care center are a constant challenge. Due to the high traffic and continuous mopping we have to do, our floors always looked dingy. We were looking for a product that was safe for the children and would protect our newly installed flooring from wearing quickly. Shorewood’s product was exactly what we were hoping for. Since it has been installed we have received many compliments on how nice the floors look and our teachers are thrilled with how easy it makes clean up."


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