Healthcare Facilities

“One in 25 patients receiving treatment at a medical facility in the
United States will contract a healthcare-associated infection during their visit, and some more than one.”

2014 National and State Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) report

What you need to know:

  • Grout, commonly found on hospital bathroom floors, is raw cement.  Grout is notorious for collecting dirt and grime unreachable by traditional cleaning methods.
  • Infectious pathogens can survive for days, hours, and even months easily spread from shoe-to-shoe, room-to-room, and surface to patient.
  • Floors are one of the most commonly overlooked pathway of contamination.

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Hospital facilities maintenance continually drain time and money on ineffective and inefficient methods of infection control.


It's time to change the game.

We relive maintenance staff of outdated and burdensome maintenance practices by providing the latest technology-based solutions. Our extraction cleaning and high-performance floor coating has helped healthcare maintenance staff save time, money, and gain peace of mind.

“Riverwood Healthcare has taken advantage of coating, which has saved labor and time.
It has also created a safer environment from an infection control standpoint.”

- Jeff Bare, Facilities Manager, Riverwood Healthcare, MN


Health and Safety Coating Innovations:

Shorewood high-performance floor coating gives you the confidence of protecting the health and safety of your facility from the ground up.  

Our coating:

  • Protects floors from pockets and crevices where contamination collects, such as in raw grout.
  • Increases the effectiveness of your infection control procedures.
  • Reduces the time and expense of cleaning, eliminating the need to use harsh chemicals.
  • Provides and durable and radiant shine to your floors, lasting 2-5 years

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