Healthier, Safer Spaces

for students and staff

Maintaining the health and safety of educational facilities can be a difficult task. These spaces see hundreds of students, teachers, and staff on a daily basis. Often schools become a breeding ground for germs, known to spread everything from the common cold to more serious illnesses.  Shorewood provides facilities managers with a simple floor coating solution that significantly improves the health and safety of educational environments.

“I am a firm believer in the floor coating and would recommend every school district to install it.”
- Bryan Brown, Facilities Director, St. Cloud, MN School District

Our System:

Step 1: Extraction of dirt and microbes
Traditional cleaning methods can aid in the spread of germs.  In fact, maintenance practices such as buffing kick up dust, mold, and odors into the air. These contaminants can trigger allergic reactions and accelerate the spread of germs. Youth, who tend to have greater contact with flooring surfaces, can have negative health reactions to these traditional methods of cleaning.

“Allergic symptoms or asthma are triggered by mold, dust mites, odors, fumes and viruses.”
–American Lung Association

Shorewood uses powerful tools that immediately extract dirt and microbes from flooring surfaces, even porous raw grout. 
This process restores flooring to its original appearance, free of
contamination and odors.


Step 2: Application of high-performance floor coating
Heavily-trafficked areas, such as hallways, entries, lunchrooms, and bathrooms quickly become re-contaminated. 

“Infectious disease travel on the floor,
it’s their superhighway.”

-Mark Warner, Infectious Disease Specialist

Our specialized and high-performance floor coating delivers up to 5 years of contamination protection by sealing crevices where germs collect. In addition, grout and flooring surfaces maintain their clean appearance, free from odor collection.  Spaces stay clean and healthy with basic maintenance, eliminating the need for potentially harmful traditional cleaning methods.

Shorewood floor coating provides long-term benefits, including:

  • Accelerated cleaning maintenance
  • Eliminates the need for stripping, waxing, and buffing
  • Frees maintenance staff to more important tasks

Click to learn how Shorewood can help to protect your students and staff from germs:

“In our time working with Shorewood, communication and performance have always exceeded expectations.
Their service professionals have always been timely and efficient. When we give a job to Shorewood, we know it is in good hands. Would highly recommend to anyone.”

- Paul Chelena, Director of Project Management, GP Marketing Service

Start small, create a big impact:

Even a small application of Shorewood health and safety coating solutions can create a large impact for your educational spaces.  Bathrooms are the most frequently used spaces by students and staff, often draining the majority of maintenance budget and time. Even with a rigorous maintenance investment, raw grout and uncoated surfaces act as a sponge for urine and fecal matter, making these spaces highly susceptible to the spread of germs.

Bathrooms are responsible for 5% of the average facilities’ footprint
And yet this small space is responsible for 68% of all contamination

By targeting your educational facilities’ bathrooms with Shorewood coating, you can greatly reduce the spread of contaminants while providing healthy, stable spaces for teaching and learning.

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