Education Facilities

Traditional cleaning and maintenance operations have not changed in decades. Floors are disinfected using harsh chemicals with endless hours spent stripping and waxing. The strain of time and money on these operations are burdensome for most school maintenance staff.

That’s not all.

Most traditional cleaning methods are also ineffective at reaching dirt and grime found on school floors. Raw grout in bathroom tiles and high-traffic hallways harbor impossible-to-reach deposits. Common floor cleaning practices often spread germs or kick allergens into the air, depleting floors in the process

There’s a solution.

Shorewood provides a one-time, safe, simple, and efficient floor coating solution that alleviates burdensome floor maintenance operations while delivering lasting protection to school floors. 

Our high-performance floor coating in schools:

  • Eliminates the need for stripping, waxing, and buffing - and the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Guards against grime, germ, and dirt collection in flooring and raw grout.
  • Accelerates cleaning maintenance operations.
  • Provides and durable and radiant shine to your floors, lasting 2-5 years.

“I am a firm believer in the floor coating and would recommend every school district to install it.”

- Bryan Brown, Facilities Director, St. Cloud, MN School District


Start small, create a big impact:

Most schools have “problem areas”.  Bathrooms, front entryways, and cafeterias are often the source of most floor contamination. These areas then spread dirt and germs underfoot to other areas in school facilities. In areas where young people are crawling or playing on floors, contamination is a concern for staff.

Our goal is to create a big impact in your school by targeting the areas of greatest concern. We offer recommendations of where your facility would benefit from floor coating protection by performing a complementary survey of your facility.

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