Concrete Polishing

Restore the gloss to your concrete floors with Shorewood’s advanced polishing technology. This complete polish and maintenance system provides coating-free wear, stain, and etching resistance while reducing maintenance costs. 

Shorewood’s system has many advantages beyond traditional concrete polishing, both in the initial polish and in a continued system of floor care. 

Restorative concrete polish

We deploy an advanced concrete polishing technology that produces vastly better results in less time.  As a result, our customers realize significant advantages over traditional polishing, including:

  • Reduced cost of polish.
  • Minimized facility down time.
  • Improved gloss appearance and durability. 
  • Greater stain and etch rejection.

Continuing Floor Care System

Shorewood’s unique approach integrates restorative polishing, interim maintenance, and routine maintenance into a single floor care system. Meaning, with minimal to no additional investment in daily maintenance protocol, our customers can:

  • Take an active role in maximizing the stain and etch rejection of their floors.
  • Continue to densify and harden their concrete floors, extending the life of the polished appearance.
  • Drastically reduce natural concrete dusting, helping to maintain an overall cleaner and safer environment.

This revolutionary approach to concrete floor polishing makes durable and glossy concrete floors simple and easy, maximizing maintenance efficiency and providing visual appeal to any facility.