Commercial Facilities

Businesses invest a lot of money to keep their retail and working spaces looking sharp. They understand that appearance can greatly influence a client's perception of value. Protecting the appearance of most commercial spaces means a large investment in cleaning and maintenance upkeep. Sometimes with lackluster results.

Shorewood floor coating solutions provides a safe, simple, and efficient way to keep your commercial space feeling and looking clean. Our high-performance coating eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming floor maintenance, while protecting your floors from dirt, deterioration, and dulling.


I initially contacted Shorewood on a recommendation from a friend. I own a salon with vinyl floors that looked nice, but were very hard to clean and keep clean due to products that are used throughout the day and volume of clientele. I was looking for a solution to cut down the time it took to clean the floor and a way to keep salon products from building up. After a consultation with Erik, he felt his product could be my solution. he was so patient in answering my questions, addressing my concerns and showing me samples of his product on pieces of my flooring. Erik assured me he had a solution to my problem and he was right! My flooring was treated over 6 months ago and it looks as clean and shiny as it did the day it was done! All of my clients asked if I had put in new flooring because it was so clean and shiny! I couldn't be more pleased!

- John Takacs, Owner of Salon Unity, Northville, MI

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Shorewood’s high-performance floor coating provides:

  • Long-term protection against odors, grout discoloration, and stains.
  • Acceleration of cleaning maintenance, creating a large reduction in time and expense.
  • Lasting, lustrous shine to floors.

Our coating lasts from 2-5 years depending on usage.

The Process

Step 1: Extraction cleaning

Shorewood provides a two-step process:

  1. Extraction cleaning: We use the latest cleaning technology to extract dirt and microbes from floors, including surfaces such as raw grout. Our cleaning extraction process often creates a dramatic difference in the appearance of your floors.
  2. High-performance coating: Our floor coating creates an impermeable barrier, protecting floors from the collection of dirt and grime, while providing a lustrous shine to floors.

"The floors at our child care center are a constant challenge. Due to the high traffic and continuous mopping we have to do, our floors always looked dingy. We were looking for a product that was safe for the children and would protect our newly installed flooring from wearing quickly. Shorewood’s product was exactly what we were hoping for. Since it has been installed we have received many compliments on how nice the floors look and our teachers are thrilled with how easy it makes clean up.”

-Carrie Anderson, Morning Star Child Center